Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Operation Participate to Graduate Receives Unity Grant - Two years in a Row

Operation Participate to Graduate has once again received the MCAS Teacher Innovation Fund. The small grant is to help fund the endeavor of Ms. Rapier-LaLuna's Credit Recovery classes at Michigan City High School. The project, Operation Participate to Graduate - Phase 2, will be funded in the amount of $335.70! This is a huge plus to the online e-Learning process. Students need to be able to "tune-in and tune-out" High quality head phones and storage units will be purchased to help ensure that our kids will be able to be more focused and organized.

For the past two years over 900 credits have been earned or reclaimed by our students. The e-Learning program has increased our overall graduation rate in a substantial way. Thus far (as of 11/17/2015) 47 credits have already been earned.

In addition to the e-Learning opportunities for our kids, the independent process is aiding in preparing our kids for college and future careers. For the 2015-16 school year all incoming students were given a reading/language assessment to identify struggling learners. The data from that and a post-test will enable us to identify in part the overall impact that this differentiated approach to learning may have.


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